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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 5, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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press." losing iraq? right now iraqi froops are battle to go take back two key cities after more than a decade of thousands of american deaths, is our work coming undone? good sunday afternoon to you you. i'm craig melvin. you're watching msnbc. back to business in d.c.. president obama returned to washington a few hours ago. what's on his to-do list? plus mitt romney's back. >> this is at the heart of the president's deception and dishonesty with regard to obamacare. >> today the man who took health
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care reform to massachusetts condemns president obama and his promises. hear what else he had to say this morning. also ahead -- >> sheet of ice, cars are spinning out. >> real icy, people falling. we almost fell. >> historic cold from planes sliding off runways to statewide school closings on temperatures colder than mars. we have your forecast. plus red, white and green. the colorado congressman push to go legalize marijuana all over america. we'll talk to him live about the new momentum behind this house bill. and the 2013 top young scientist is -- payton robertson. >> and the sandless sand bag, a 12-year-old wins big for his new invention. it's lighter, more effective, and it's today's big idea. first, though, the deep freeze. life threatening windchills will hit the northeast and central
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united states over the next few days, in some places it will feel as cold as 60 degrees below zero. check out that map. the arctic blast has already delayed nearly 1,000 flights and forced airlines to cancel more than 200 others. icy conditions at jfk here in new york caused this delta plane to slide right off the run way as it was taxiing for t inin ii terminal. in wisconsin, one of the concerns ahead of tonight's 49ers/packers game, the beer. workers are putting heaters on hundred ofs beer lines to keep the beer from freezing. janel klein is at lambeau field the beer from freezing. janel klein is at lambeau field the beer from freezing. janel klein is at lambeau field the beer from freezing. janel klein is at lambeau field the beer from freezing. janel klein is at lambeau field. >> fans are prepared. we're talking temperatures well below zero. and the team is trying to help. lambeau field is giving away free hot chocolate and coffee.
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and a local store is giving away 70,000 hand warmers to fans coming to today's game. this, though, is not even close to the coldest nfl game on record. that of course happened the infamous ice bowl. new year's eve, 1967, when we saw windchills here at the packers/cowboys game of minus 45. packers and 49ers fans today do know it will be very cold. they are prepared and they are hoping that they will see a great game. many saying they're the toughest fans in the nfl for coming out here today. and they hope they see a great game as their reward. for now reporting at lambeau field in green bay, i'm janel klein, back to you. >> thank you so much. weather channel's janel klein. we have breaking news right now in colorado, where we're told a private plane has apparently crashed at the aspen airport. with us now on the phone is director of operations with with the county sheriff's office. we don't have a lot of information right now, but what
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you can tell us? >> what i can tell you is about 30 minutes ago, the sheriff eye office and ambulance department and rescue and firefighter team was notified of a private aircraft crash. at this time, like i said, not much information known. up known number of people on board including passengers and crew. and we still have emergency services responding. >> what do we know about the kind of plane and the area where this airport is? >> the area where the the airport is mountainous terrain, about 790 feet, the elevation of the airport surrounded by a 12,000 and 13,000 foot mountains. the weather today is very windy. it is unknown what caused the incident. >> and again at this point, we
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don't know what kind of plane or anything like that. >> i don't know. i'm on my way to the airport right now and we hope to have more information for everyone shortly. >> all right. alex, thank you. keep us posted, sir. >> will do. thank you. al qaeda linked militants have planted their flag in if a lieu sa. it was the site of two of the bloodiest battles during the iraq war. 146 american lives were lost in falluj fallujah, militants have controlled it since last week. the iraq government has been trying to regain control launching air strikes that the government killed 25 militants today. the sunni militants linked to al qaeda have been steadily tightening their control with hopes of creating a sunni muslim state. richard engel joins us on the phone now. he's been following the story very closely.
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richard, first of all, in the simplest of terms, how did this happen? how did iraq lose fallujah? >> there is not the simplest of terms explanation, but i think after u.s. troops left, the civil war that the united states ma managed to stop for a little while has came back and the reason it came back is because of syria. the fight in syria spilled over into iraq. it reignited the old embers of the civil war which were still there and have now caught into a wildfire because american troops are no longer there and are not going back there to help calm the situation down. >> senators graham and mccain has said what is happening there is as tragic as it is predictable. they blame the obama administration troop pullout.
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how much is america to blame for what is happening there right now? >> that's a tough question. because if american troops had stayed there in large numbers, then, sure, this would not have happened or the u.s. would be in the middle of it trying to prevent it from happening. if, however, a small contingency of american troops were there, a few thousand, they were operating as trainers and which was sort of what we were talking about in the end when the terms of the u.s. pullout deal were being raised, and the civil war broke out just across the border in syria, i'm not sure that that small contingency of troops operating with a very limited kind of mission would have been able to prevent the return of civil war. >> what are the options now on the ground there?
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>> i think the government of iraq has to try to regain control. by the way, this is not just fallujah. fallujah is the place where the al qaeda militants decided to make their stand and they flew their flag. but there are parts of ramadi have also fallen to sue any mnn militants. they have to regain authority. the problem is the united states military primarily marines but also the army invaded fallujah twice to drive out militants. a huge operation involving tens of thousands of troops and drones and intelligence and air y power. iraqis have a lot of fire power, but it's more crude. so if the iraqis go in to try to two the clearing mission, i think we'll see thousands dead. >> richard engel, thank you.
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i want to bring in colonel jack jacobs, medal of honor recipient. and evan coleman is here, as well. a terrorism analyst. let me start with where richard just left off there where we talk about options right now on the ground in fallujah, in ramadi. colonel jack, what are we left to do? >> nothing. we're not going to get involved there. richard is right, we left on purpose and we're not going back. the one thing that matt big difference when we were there in addition to the large number of american troops we had there was air power. and we are not going to be providing air power to be under the control of the iraqis unless we have americans who are actually controlling that. it means americans on the ground in iraq and we're not doing that. >> evan, we just heard again from richard there. he talked about the role of syria. how else were these militants able to take control of these
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two cities? >> why are they there? i think part of the story is what is going on inside syria. it's part of the story that we're not hearing. right now it is open season on the islamic state of iraq. this al qaeda group that has invaded. they are being openly targeted by syrian rebels. so it's not all roses for them. one of the reasons they're invading western iraq might be because of the fact that they're having so many problems inside of syria. they're literally being chased out of their main strong holds. so by taking hold of western syria, they're kind -- it's a propaganda victory and an ability to take a new base of operations. >> john kerry talked about this earlier in jerusalem. take a listen. >> this is a fight that belongs to the iraqis. that is exactly what the president and the world decided some time ago when we left iraq. we are not contemplating returning, not contemplating
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putting boots on the ground. this is their fight. y but we'll help them in their fight. >> are the iraqi forces capable of handling this fight? >> very interesting question because there are two main parts to any military operation. one is the assault to secure the area. the other one is to hold on to it. if the iraqis wanted to, they could control this area, at least take it away from the rebels. >> how? >> with large scale military influx. we're talking not about hundreds, but thousands and thousands of iraqi troops. and to quote seinfeld, making the commitment is only half it, you got to hold on to it. and holding on to it is what it's really all about. and they're not prepared to put the tens of thousands of troops in there that are required to hold on to it. >> this particular group, again, as i understand it, they are
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affiliated with al qaeda. do we know how strong of a link it has to central command so to speak? >> it's funny about this group. it's one of al qaeda's most important subgroup, but they don't have a good relationship with al qaeda central. back last spring al qaeda central actually told this group stop doing what you're doing in serial. you are not supposed to be in syria, you're supposed to be back in iraq. so maybe conceivably this might be this group finally taking a bit of advice from al-zawahiri who said your work is in iraq, not syria. >> i got the impression that this could be the beginning of something larger that is going to happen is that the sense you're getting? >> oh, yeah. richard talked more about the tactical aspects, but i think
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you can expect a very, very large battle to take place for better than central iraq and it's probably going to last for a long time and it may be just the precursor to a larger and longer civil war inside iraq. >> thank you both so much. do appreciate your time on a sunday afternoon. on the agenda, from unemployment extensions to obama care to you are surveillance, how far can president obama take these issues this year? plus the case against the chiefs, the mother of the late ja'van belcher is suing kansas city's nfl team. she claims the team is responsible for the head injuries that led her son to kill his girlfriend and himself. who is tagging along with dennis rodman to play a game in north korea? we're gonna be late. ♪ ♪
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we continue to follow the breaking news in colorado where a private plane has crashed at the aspen airport. again based on the conversation i had with someone from the sheriff's department, it's not clear how many folks were on that plane. we don't know what condition they are in. we can tell you that the airport itself is closed. we've got -- we're working to gather more information. this is a twit pick that we got in just a few moments ago. it's very difficult to discern a great deal of anything, but we can tell you that the area itself where this airport is mounti mount mount mountsity fuss, snowy. it's a private aircraft, but we don't know what kind of plane it is. again, this isis at the aspen
12:18 pm
airport. when we get more information, we'll pass it on to you. president obama's vacation is over. they allowed back in washington no doubt feeling rested and recharged from their two week hawaiian vacation with the president ready to relaunch his second termed a aga agenda. let's get to the brain trust. let's start with the extension of unemployment benefits. the senate has said it will be their first order of business. although at this point it is not clear what if anything the house is going to do. considering the political dynamics of the house's history, how reasonable is to expect that the house will do anything at all? >> just the mere fact that
12:19 pm
unemployment benefits were allowed to fade out in the way that her is absolutely shameful. we are in the midst of an economy that has not affected portions of the population y'ally. and given income inequality is such a major issue, the expectation that the republicans are interested in doing anything about the state when it comes down to unemployment benefits is little next to none. it is a disgrace. and for the idea that the republicans can continue to play politics with people's lives, people's lives are on the line, we're talking about people being able to eat. so the idea that they continue to play politicses with unemployment benefits, it's a disgrace. >> more than a million lost their unemployment benefits eight days ago. according to nbc you new, without an extension, an
12:20 pm
additional 2 million will fall off the rolls in the first half of the year. from a political standpoint, it would seem to me at least that the republicans might be interested in extending the unemployment benefits during an election year especially. >> i think the problem here is that it was clear lay recession measure. 99 weeks, that's almost two years. and the unemployment rate has gone down quite a bit. not enough. and we definitely do have a problem about job creation. not enough opportunities out there. but i would like for see the conversation toward why we don't have those opportunities. businesses are afraid to hire. and i think creating a permanent environment in which you have two years of unemployment benefits doesn't get at the core issue. >> but until that permanent environment is created, what say you about the 2 million or so americans who could very well lose their benefits?
12:21 pm
>> i am sympathetic toward them. i've been on unemployment. so i know that is something that can tide people over. at the same time, it's concerned to look at how unemployment potentially incentivizes longer term unemployment. i don't think that is for everybody, but the $25 billion koths for the extension, we have to be looking at why there aren't jobs there for those people. >> bill, politico today reporting the vote marks the first con create step by democrats toward a poll uhe list economic platform.create step b democrats toward a poll uhe list economic platform.te step by des toward a poll uhe list economic platform. it will intensify to raise the federal minimum wage that will be singed with president obama's state of the young speech.cged obama's state of the young speech.ed with president obama's state of the young speech. if the economy is a major issue this year, does that not then
12:22 pm
bode well for the democrats?pee. if the economy is a major issue this year, does that not then bode well for the democrats?tat. if the economy is a major issue this year, does that not then bode well for the democrats? could the raising of the federal minimum wage not be the issue that gets folks out of bed in november? >> it could be. raising minimum wage is resolutely popular. you have three quarters of americans who support raising the minimum wage. sometimes over $10 an hour. it is not considered by most to be government spending. conservatives object because it is the government telling businesses what they have to pay people. but there is enormous amount of human sympathy for those out of work. and there is a very high unemployment rate. in mississippi, in georgia, north carolina, kentucky. so you bet a lot of members of congress and senators from those states will think very carefully about supporting minimum wage increase. >> and unemployment does not affect the entire population equally. you have disproportionate
12:23 pm
element, you have young, black and brown populations disproportionately impacted by the studies. so people need the extension in order to live. and i think sometimes the challenge is getting caught up in the reality of the politics of an election year for 014. loses the reality of what people on the ground are actually living with. >> ooanother issue that will define the midterms is obamacare. mitt romney back on television this morning. this is what he had to say about the president's health care initiative. take a listen. >> this is at the heart of the president's deception. and dishonesty with regards to obamacare. and that is he told people you can keep the insurance you have if you like it. and that was not honest, that was deceptive. and the american people recognize that and they're rejecting obamacare. >> how successful of a strategy
12:24 pm
can this be, how successful can republicans be? >> unless they come up with an alternative, if can't work obamacare is in place for well over a million americans. it cannot be unraveled. what will have to happen is they will have to deal with the problems as they come up, they will have to fix some issues with obamacare. and you'll see the problem become more widely supported. what the administration has to do is find in success story, find people who couldn't get insurance and suddenly they're able to be insured. people who couldn't afford it before, now there are government subsidies. those success stories are not come out. all we're hearing about is people losing insurance. >> sit tight. later we'll talk about pot. you're the only three journalists left who have gone on the record with how much they
12:25 pm
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an update on the breaking news we've been following in aspen where a plane has crashed at the aspen airport. here is what we know right now. the plane itself was a challenger 600. it's rechb's registereded to a utah trustee. officials are saying the plane original natured ted in mexico. made a stop in tucson before it crashed in aspen. we don't know how many are on board or their conditions. we continue to work to gather more information. we'll pass it along when we get it. o are we? we are the thinkers. the job jugglers. the up all-nighters. and the ones who turn ideas into action. we've made our passions our life's work. we strive for the moments where we can say, "i did it!" ♪
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yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief! more now on the breaking news in aspen, colorado where a private plane has crashed at the aspen airport. i want to bring in alex back, he's on the phone with the
12:32 pm
sheriff's department there. what more have we learned? >> good afternoon. won't we arrived on scene, we learned a little more information about the nature of the incident. there was a private aircraft that crashed off the right side of the main runway here at aspen airport on landing. we do know there were three people involved, people that were on board the aircraft. unknown what position they held on the aircraft, whether they were passengers, obviously some pilots, as well. we do know now that there was one confirmed fatality from the incident. and one moderate to severe injury to one of the people. and one other person had minor to moderate injuries were they were able to walk off the aircraft. so that's the information. it's a very dynamic situation and we're learning more as every minute passes on. >> what more you can tell us about the plane itself? we know that it's a challenger 600 for folks who are not
12:33 pm
familiar with planes, what does that look like? >> i can't confirm it's a challenger 600, its the's tough to make out what type of aircraft it is. it is upside down of a the right side of the runway.make out wha it is. it is upside down of a the right side of the runway. but a challenger 600 is a large to mid size private aircraft that carries multiple people. today's flight was only carrying three. >> what were the conditions like again when that pilot tried to land? >> i can tell you what the conditions are now and they're pretty represent sif of what they have been all day. it's gusty winds about 27, 28 miles per hour.
12:34 pm
28 degrees, excuse me. so i'm sure conditions at the time of the incident local time are pretty much like they are right now. >> what are crews on the scene doing right now? >> right now we have fire and ambulance from multiple jurisdictions that are addressing us. they are the two passengers that survived the crash have been extricated off the plane and they have been taken to the hospital and the one fatality is still inside the plane and we're a wading investigators from the faa and ntsb to arrive before removing anybody. >> alex, thank you so much for keeping us up-to-date. again one person dead, one person in critical condition and one person in stable condition. this is a challenger 600 plane we're told, it went down there in aspen, colorado.
12:35 pm
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taken twice daily, xeljanz can reduce the joint pain and swelling of moderate to severe ra, even without methotrexate. ask if xeljanz is right for you. will the new marijuana law in colorado open the floodgates for the rest of the country? new reports today indicate andrew cuomo plans to loosen rules in his state to allow limited use for medical marijuana. a move that other states are considering, as well. democratic colorado congressman introduced legislation nearly a year ago to decriminalize marijuana nationwide and regulate it like alcohol. congressman, you and i both know that you you andor colleagues in d.c. aren't known forgetting a whole heck of a lot done. how likely is it that you'll be able to get a deal done on legalizing pot nationally?how l able to get a deal done on legalizing pot nationally?whole.
12:39 pm
how likely is it that you'll be able to get a deal done on legalizing pot nationally? >> congress is lagging the country. colorado and washington fully legalized the sale of marijuana, a number of states have medical marijuana. people are fed up with the money going to the cartels and they say why don't we just regulate it. if towns want to ban it, fine. in colorado, many towns don't allow it. if otherer as wa eareas want to, it's up to them 37. >> you are proposing a bureau of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and firearms.37. >> you are proposing a bureau of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and firearms.>> you are proposing af alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and firearms.7. >> you are proposing a bureau of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and firearms.. >> you are proposing a bureau of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and firearms. >> that's right. when you're talking about legalizing marijuana, it's still a controlled substance. we have an interest in keeping it out of the hands of minors. again when you go a regulated store in colorado, they won't sell to marijuana. we hope to put about the corner drug geeler out of business who doesn't care if they're sell to go a 14-year-old or 15-year-old. so again, it's a controlled substance. we'll look the at imports and exports, make sure its eye all
12:40 pm
done through licensed dealers, make sure nobody is selling to kids. you can't do that when it's underground. >> let's talk about what you did in colorado this week. a lot of advocates are hailing it as an example of how it could be taken to scale. marijuana colorado stores, some of the prices are pretty steep. if it's that expensive, what is the incentive then for folks not to just buy it on the black market? >> if the free market and competition is good at anything, it's at driving prices down. so in the early days here, there were very few places you could buy it. in boulder, we don't have a single dispensary that has been through approval yet. so once there is more competition, we'll see the rates
12:41 pm
come down. you're right, it has to be below the black market rate if the experiment will work. otherwise you're still leaving the money and the industry in the hands of criminals and cartel. and i think it will because the tax will only come in 15% to 25% and the cost of smug sligling i high, it will make sense for it to move you through the regulated over item as long as we don't go overboard. >> it is a pain modifying system, but the federal government has not supported that. so there are a lot of unknowns and we have the states and federal at loggerheads. >> what kind of unthoeps might he be talking about? >> you'll hear some good and
12:42 pm
some horror stories. you'll have good evidence and bad evidence coming out. we have not allowed medical research on marijuana in this country. so there a lack of data. and one of the key things i think we can do with this decriminalization is make sure we have better science to inform our decision making going forward. >> according to today's denver post, quote, even marijuana advocates warn that there can still be serious consequences for cannabis use. employers can fire employees for off the job use and landlords can evict tenants. marijuana use can impact a person's government benefits or a child custody case. what are some of the kinks in your state's system that still need to be worked out before other states can follow suit? >> the way that this needs to be looked at is like alcohol. again, if you show up to work drunk, of course you can be fired. if you show up to work high on marijuana, of course you can be
12:43 pm
fired. once we have a regulatory system that looks at it the same way, colorado requires for instance the dispensaries are a certain distance from schools just as liquor stores are, i think it will make a lot more accepts to people. there is a difference between being drunk and taking actions while you're drunk or high and simply in the privacy of your own home having a drunk or smoking marijuana. >> you and i both know about the disproportionate effect that drug laws in this country have had on minorities specifically. i want to go back to what you said about the cost. when marijuana is as expensive as it is right now in colorado, and as expensive as it probably will be for a while at least, doesn't that still reinforce the ca chasm that exists between the haves and have nots between the application of drug laws? >> you're right. and you look at the growth of the prison industrial complex.
12:44 pm
a number of mupuns muns pamitys municipalities have stopped prosecuting usage. but there is no question by regulating marijuana, we can address some of the disparages. regulating marijuana, we can address some of the disparages. >> dove buy any on wednesday? >> no, i have not. i don't plan to. i don't use marijuana and i don't drink much either. >> congressman -- >> but it should be your right do it if you want it, my goodness. >> congressman, you're about the last american left who has not the gone on record -- now you have -- over the last four or five days. everybody telling everybody how much they're smoking. so thank you, congressman. here comes an awkward transition of sorts. time for our big idea. when storms strike, we always see folks stacking sand bags to try and protect their homes,
12:45 pm
their belongings, their businesses. one young man thought there has to be a better way. >> i've developed a new type of sand bag for salt water flood damage. i've filled to make the bag fully expand. >> that is 12-year-old payton robertson. he has designed the sandless sand bag. it's not only supposed to make carrying sand bags easier, but prepare better protection. his idea won an award and a fancy new title. the award, $25,000. the title, america's top scientist. and he's with me now. payton, good to see you. first of all, how sg this thing work? >> well, i sdwined treplaced th with polymer and salt. when dry, it's really light
12:46 pm
weight. weighing only four pounds. but when you and i had wateyou expands. and after the flood, you leteva salt return to its state and is reuse reusable. >> that is a great explanation. how you did you come up with the idea? >> in my home state of florida, i'm aware of how devastating salt water floods can be. there have been $43 billion of flood damage across the u.s. since 2005. and 80% of that has been from salt water flooding. so that is why i wanted to redesign the sandless sand bag. sand bags today are the most common method of flood protection. but it can be heavy. and it can leave gaps in between the individual bags when you stack them. >> how do you know it works? have you tried it? >> well, i've done some small scale testing.
12:47 pm
my bags can withstand as much force as traditional sand bags when arranged in a straight line, but in a curve shape, they can withstand twice as much force. >> what does winning the award, what has it done for you and your sand bag? >> it's definitely been an exciting experience. it's also humbling because there were so many great finalists. i've filed for an open patent which means anybody can make the design and better it or just use some part of it. >> you won $25,000. what does a 12-year-old do with that kind of money? >> i've already put it in my college if you saifund. >> of course. and another experience amazing that coming out of winning is a trip to costa rica with some of the other top finalists.>and an that coming out of winning is a trip to costa rica with some of the other top finalists.:and ang that coming out of winning is a trip to costa rica with some of the other top finalists.> and a
12:48 pm
amazing that coming out of winning is a trip to costa rica with some of the other top finalists.that coming out of wi trip to costa rica with some of the other top finalists.amazing winning is a trip to costa rica with some of the other top finalists. >> you strike me as the type that is already working on another invention. are you? >> i'm always thinking about new challenges. one i'm thinking about right now is citrus tanker, another problem in my home state and it you causes the citrus trees to drop the free throws before they're ready to be picked. so i was thinking of a way to develop immunization for a citrus tree. >> what do you want to be when you grow up? >> definitely a scientist. i love everything related to scientist and math and programming and whatever. >> well, we're going to save this tape because when you win the nobel prize, we would like some credit for being one of the first to discover you. payton robertson, 12 years old, today's big idea. it's a sandless sand bag. payton, thank you. >> thank you so much. >> and folk, do you have a big idea that is making a difference? and you can be over the age of 12. you can tweet us. what is the big idea? you can also e-mail us, as well.
12:49 pm
when we come back, wrongful death? the family of a death player claims the kansas city chiefs are responsible for his suicide and murder. next we'll talk to the lawyer suing that team. plus we'll also update our breaking news out of colorado where one person has been killed in a plane crash at the aspen airport. welcome back. how is everything? there's nothing like being your own boss! and my customers are really liking your flat rate shipping. fedex one rate. really makes my life easier. maybe a promotion is in order. good news. i got a new title. and a raise? management couldn't make that happen. [ male announcer ] introducing fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex.
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final update here on that breaking news we've been following out of colorado. another look here at precisely what has happened on the ground there. one person is dead. two others are hurt after a plane crashed at the aspen airport this afternoon. witnesses say the plane burst into flames upon impact there. officials are telling msnbc the flight itself was en route from tucson when it crashed while trying to land. we heard from an official with the sheriff's department there that it has been snowy in aspen throughout the day. again, the challenger 600. that's the type.
12:53 pm
it's similar to this one. it's not this plane, but it's similar to this one. the challenger, a 600 pictured here. the one that crashed is registered to a bank of utah trustee out of salt lake city. an update on the breaking news in aspen. we'll continue to follow that for you. right now the mother of former kansas city chiefs linebacker javon belcher is suing the team for the wrongful death of her son. he killed his girlfriend and himself on december 12. a similar suit has been filed on behalf of belcher's 16-month-old daughter. 22 former players are suing the team for not informing them of the dangers of head injuries. kenneth mcclain is an attorney representing belcher's daughter zoe. he is also representing the former players suing the chiefs. let's start there. explain to me in the simplest of terms here, how the chiefs are responsible for belcher's
12:54 pm
murder/suicide. >> well, in missouri we have a legal standard which if you caused or contributed to cause an injury to someone, you're responsible for it. in this instance, javon belcher had severe concussions nearly one month before the event that took his life. and his girlfriend's life, the mother of zoe. he had had a severe concussion. the team knew that he was asking mental problems and yet took no precautions to make sure that he was not going to be in a situation where he was at risk of harming himself and others, despite this knowledge. >> but how do you prove causation and not just corelation. >> how they can contribute to lack of impulse control and the aggressive tendency we've seen in so many players. we have up to ten players right now that have committed suicide that have come to light as we
12:55 pm
have been examining this concussion issue. >> i want to note here that we did reach out to the chiefs for comments on both of these cases. the team did not respond. they have responded with no comment on these cases in the past to other media. but i did want to make sure i put that out there. we know that javon belcher's body was exhumed last month so that his brain could be examined. what are you hoping to find? how will that affect your case? >> well, it's part of the picture. if he's got the disease cte that will make a clear correlation. >> cte by the way? >> chronic encephalopathy. 19 out of 20 nfl players exhumed have had this syndrome. it's an accumulation of protein in the brain that causes impulse control as well as lack of clarity of thought. also, other problems with memory and being able to formulate your
12:56 pm
thinking, which is a common characteristic among the players we represent. >> you're suing on behalf of former chief players. why are they not covered under this $765 million tentative agreement that was reached back in august. >> that's a very good question. as it was announced, only players with dementia or severe impairment of their cognitive abilities are covered. so these players would receive no benefits based upon the publicized settlement that was announced. all they will receive is medical monitoring, which they get under their health insurance anyway. but they would be giving up all their rights. what we're seeking is fairness here in regard to players who are less severely injured than having dementia and chronic brain injuries, but are suffering from some effects to be compensated as well. so we've asked the chiefs to do that. >> attorney kenneth mclane, thank you so much for stopping by. >> thank you. >> keep us up to date. >> will do. >> thank you so much for
12:57 pm
watching this sunday edition. i'll be back here next saturday 2:00 eastern. right now, though, "disrupt" with karen finney. have a fantastic evening. ♪ we're gonna be late. ♪ ♪ ♪ oh are we early? [ male announcer ] commute your way with the bold, all-new nissan rogue. ♪
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tell your doctors about all medicines you take. pradaxa side effects include indigestion, stomach pain, upset, or burning. if you or someone you love has afib not caused by a heart valve problem... ...ask your doctor about reducing the risk of stroke with pradaxa. hello, disrupters. i'm karen finney. many the weather forecast this sunday, bundle up. there is a dangerous arctic blast hitting much of the country. can the president and democrats restore a lifeline to millions of americans? >> for so many of you this morning it is a frigid one. >> an arctic blast of freezing air is roaring through much of the u.s. >> two-thirds of the country in its grip, from the midwest to the northeast. >> more than 100 million americans will be affected. >> it can be deadly. >> up first this week, a showdown over a three-month extension of long-term unemployment benefits. >> i'm not opposed to unemployment insurance. i am opposed to havin


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